Saturday, September 2, 2017

G J Lee (from Taiwan)

GJ is very skilled!

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  1. From GJ's YT Page...

    G.J. Lee is an active and enthusiastic ukulele player who is passionate about sharing his music. Well-known in his home country of Taiwan, his performances are characterized by a richness of emotion and meticulous detail. Not only interested in the ukulele itself, but also the greater world of music, he has arranged many familiar tunes for the ukulele. He plays a variety of music, including classical, folk, animation and film music, and Eastern and Western pop music, among other genres. His goal is to touch people's hearts through music, as he believes music is always an effective way to connect with people. Because the ukulele is conveniently portable and easy to share with friends at any time, G.J. continuously and tirelessly strives for excellence on the ukulele.