Thursday, June 29, 2017

Emma Dryden

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  1. As I listen to this playlist of Emma Dryden who I first came across in about 2011, I remember the the way Emma fully looses herself in the music. She doesn't seem to care for perfection but is deeply engrossed in each song. What a treasure to listen to. Simple, without professional sound mixing and fully committed to the emotion of the song.

    Doing this playlist method of showing off a great variety baritone ukulele players feels more agreeable to me than the blogging format where each post buries the previous. Here you get the opportunity to hear players playing a group of songs that they found worthy of expressing and sharing.

    I hope you like them. I have many more to post. If you have videos you would like to add send me a playlist to humbleukeratgmaildotcom . I can't guarantee that I'll post it but I will give it a serious listen.