Monday, May 15, 2017

Ken Middleton

Ken is a skilled musician, who has provided many music videos over the years. We met a few years back at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival in Napa California. He's a kind man with a bad-ass enthusiasm for good music. Ken prefers re-entrant bari (high-D) and is also the force behind the fully-flourocarbon string sets under the name Living Water Strings. He sells both high and low D sets. Ken is also a representative for Ohana Baritone Ukuleles.

I asked Ken if he would provide a playlist of his baritone ukulele songs for posting on The Bad-Ass Baritone Ukulele Blog (The Blog for Playlists of Bari Playin' Artists) and he sent us a 35 song playlist. I think you will find this quite enjoyable...

Friday, May 12, 2017

War Jacket

Ralf the Seasonista Ukester

The musically gifted Ralf explains his process...

"Every week, I learn a song (or a few songs) on my ukulele and perform it (or them) and upload it (them) here for the weekly Seasons of the Ukulele challenges hosted at Ukulele Underground. I've learned more from these uke challenges in the past few years than I'd learned playing indie rock for twenty years. If you want to get better at anything, challenge yourself anew every week!"

His attention to detail is amazing. He brings years of musical experience where his Bad-Ass skills take over...

And so much more,

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wild Child

Wild Child is a BAD-ASS BAND. I love their energy, beat, vocals, videos. They have a few albums under their belts. Their videos can get pretty crazy but they are a blast! I also think that there's much, much more to be found on YouTube. They're the most prolific band I know with a bari co-lead.

THe band is lead by the dynamics between Alexander Beggins (bad-ass baritone ukulele, vocals, piano) and Kelsey Wilson (vocals, fiddle). I love this band!

Andrew Morse

Andrew is a skilled musician able to take on a multitude of challenges, each exceptionally well done. Andrew also contributes arrangements to Humble Baritonics and you can find them here.

I first came up with this playlist concept a few years back and it was called The Barried DoGBonE but it went basically unnoticed. Andrew saw the joke in this name but it just didn't have the key words to get any recognition. Please share these playlists with your bari, uke and guitar friends.